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Updates Available to Plex Pass Members

Pete KellyPete Kelly Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

I am seeing mention of beta software available for Plex Pass members of which I am one but no one tells where to go to obtain them.
I have a two year old LG Smart TV and the Plex App available from the LG store doesn't show some of the newer features which are apparently available for other Plex hardware including Roku and a Windows PC. The store version seems to be over a year old.
As a Pass member, where do I get a newer Plex app for my LG TV?
I am aware of the procedure for loading updates to the TV from a USB flash drive.

MY PLEX PASS ID: pfkbiz@gmail.com


  • tom80Htom80H Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2,273 Plex Pass

    Option 1 (for your Server only)

    1. go to Settings > Server > General on your server
    2. set Update Channel to "beta"

    Option 2 (for your Server and certain clients -- manually updating)

    1. go to https://www.plex.tv/downloads
    2. toggle from "public" to "beta"
    3. pick the download you're looking for (server, client...)

    Smart TV clients are trickier...
    you might want to consult the release announcements to see if there's any mention of restrictions (e.g. newer versions requiring a newer WebOS than installed on your LG).
    While for Android (TV) there's usually links for a direct download (allowing you to side load the app), I can't find any mention of an alternative download/update path.

  • michaelthomsonmichaelthomson Members, Plex Pass Posts: 64 Plex Pass

    In another post someone seems to be stating that this 'early release' product is only available on LG TVs that have LGWebOS3.0 or above. Someone at Plex then said they were working on a version for WebOS2, but thats about it. So just to clarify, it's not an across platform option for LG owners.

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