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expanded streaming of both youtube and twitch with subs, follows and user watchlists?

CuddleBear92CuddleBear92 Posts: 35Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Now that the podcast system is supported with streaming and following the podcasts itself.
Is the next step to do the same with say YouTube and say Twitch?
Something like that would make Plex the place to get most if not all of your content.
Being able to load up the same content on all the client without the messy support of the channels that we have had in the past.

Many podcasts is on YouTube aswell after all, and twitch too.
Would be amazing to be able to load any content from these two sites, live or not.
It would bridge the cap to make Plex the place for your content.
It would also push out support for twitch more as not all smart tv's and such dont support it out of the box (even with browser).

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