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Buffering on LG Plex App 3.13.20 WebOs 2

Hello everybody,
Is Anyone experiencing buffering issues on the LG Plex app. The App version is 3.13.51 and the server is
This happend only a couple of days ago, as all was working quite fine. the TV is connected throught a 100Mb/s LAN and so does the Server.
I am experiencing buffering on all videos, no matter the quality, even 720kb
The strange thing is that I have duplicated the Plex server into a VM which seemed to be working just fine (while having the original one online as well, as still buffering) however, the VM Server now bufers on a high res videos (1080p).

I saw on the forum that such a thing happened already around April 11th, and that an update was available (13.3.13 I think).

Just wondering if any of you is experiencing this.

thank you,

P.S: All other devices, even wireless are working quite fine.

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