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myPlex supported sites request



  • shsivashsiva Posts: 9Members

    Setting the Direct Play preferences to Direct Stream/Transcode seems to be working now.

  • lavanya88lavanya88 Posts: 15Members

    I didn't logged into nowvideo site but somebody shared a link with me which has an id attached to it


    still plex it cannot recognize it?

  • sander1sander1 Channel Developer/Admin Posts: 3,735Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
    lavanya88 wrote on May 11 2013, 4:28 PM: »

    I didn't logged into nowvideo site but somebody shared a link with me which has an id attached to it


    still plex it cannot recognize it?

    The bookmarklet only works for sites if somebody creates a so called URL Service for it. There isn't a service for nowvideo.

  • lavanya88lavanya88 Posts: 15Members

    I got an error "sorry cannot fine video on this page"

    When I tried to add to plex from below url


    I keep noticing same error with flash videos?

  • ViridianDynamicsViridianDynamics Posts: 1Members
    edited June 2013
    mikedm139 wrote on May 9 2013, 8:13 PM: »

    It is not currently feasible for the myPlex Queue to support sites which require a login to view the videos.

    Is it possible to add support for the video's direct url i.e. If I view the source for a movshare, putlocker, etc link and email my queue the link? I know people keep asking about these sites but I am currently using Simple Video Streamer for this on my Roku and it only supports urls up to 200 characters so putlocker vids are out. Either way, thank you for your time and all the hard work you folks are doing to make Plex so flipping awesome.

  • orionskieorionskie Posts: 1Members

    Can you please add



    I read where you cant plex sites that require logins. On this site you dont have to login. Ive never had to & have watched movies on the site.

    Thanks :)


  • sander1sander1 Channel Developer/Admin Posts: 3,735Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
    orionskie wrote on June 11 2013, 2:17 AM: »

    Can you please add



    We're not going to add support for sites that mainly distribute content that they do not own...

  • heybootsheyboots Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'd like a quicker way to quickly add a URL to my queue. I watch videos on a lot self-hosted sites that won't ever get added to the bookmarklet, but they all work fine if I email the link to the plex queue and have my computer running so it can be transcoded. Pressing the button doesn't do anything often so I have to go to my email pretty regularly .

    It'd be nice if the bookmarklet sidebar had a little box I could put a URL into manually, or a box I could paste something into on my queue page. I don't always have quick access to my email and this would remove some steps from adding videos.

    I'd also like to able to make like sub-queues and reorder videos but that's kind of beyond the scope of this particular issue.

  • rsraman123rsraman123 Posts: 6Members ✭✭


    I tried playing using einthusan but also hear only audio. I tried the direct stream/ transcoder setting but still only get audio even after installing plex media server on my computer. Any other solutions/checks suggested?

    thanks in advance!


  • hyerancehyerance Posts: 8Members


    Could you please add http://1stdrama.com/ to the myPlex queue list?


  • plextr0plextr0 Posts: 84Members
    Www.Myvideo.ch might work...
    Or .de or whatever..:p
  • nonnisinonnisi Posts: 3Members

    Hi, Id like to request support for http://viooz.co, they have an awesomly huge selection of movies, allot of them in HD too.

  • unicorn_latteunicorn_latte Posts: 152Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Would like to ask for support for videos on espn.com (espn.go.com, to be precise).

    Example URL: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=espn:9897968

  • jabforeverjabforever Posts: 1Members

    Can you add www.iqiyi.com  and www.letv.com to the source please, thank you in advance.

  • daisylymdaisylym Posts: 2Members

    Please add:

    1. youku.com

    2. letv.com

    3. www.iqiyi.com

    Thanks a lot

  • unicorn_latteunicorn_latte Posts: 152Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I’m not sure if www.digg.com is supported or not. Most of the videos embedded there are YouTube or Vimeo content, but the new PlexIt bookmark often doesn’t find the content at all.

  • shsivashsiva Posts: 9Members


    Thanks for adding Einthusan.com to the list.

    can you please add http://tamilimax.com/ to the list. I am unable to bookmark any videos from this site.

    I greatly appreciate your help.

  • shsivashsiva Posts: 9Members

    For some reason Einthusan does not play in Plex unless you choose "Always Transcode" for the Play mode. It works for me.

  • LillaPatsyLillaPatsy Posts: 1Members
    edited January 2014

    Hi all,

    I'm loving the support for streaming sites. For me, there are currently only two sites that streams live video (with an account) that is not currently supported by Plex.

    How probable is it to get support for the following two URLs and website?:




    Thanks a lot!

  • kalaimanikalaimani Posts: 1Members ✭✭


    Thanks for the great service!!

    Please add www.flyinhd.com - this does not require login account.


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