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Display problem when browsing shared content.

DoodlooDoodloo Posts: 12Members ✭✭
Hello :)

Since i'm not familiar with Plex yet nor it's forum, i might not be posting on the right place... Please just tell me where to post if necessary.

i really enjoy the Blur skin. There is only one single problem i noticed which makes it kind of unusable for me. Let's say you have shared contents on various other Plex servers. In my case, all my buddies are sharing their whole Plex sections with me. Well when going to "Shared Content", in others skin you can see the name of the server accompanied with the buddy name AND the section name. In Blur, you only get to see the buddy and server, NOT the sections names... So when a shared server exports 3 sections, you see "duplicates" menus in Blur, and there is no way to tell which is which.

Would it be anything i can do to solve that? What file shall i change to display let's say the section name instead of the buddy?



  • DoodlooDoodloo Posts: 12Members ✭✭
    edited January 2012
    Ah sorry to have bothered you. i have figured myself. In the file named MySharedContent.xml of the Blur Skin, i have changed both label markup tags to show:
    <label>$INFO[ListItem.Property(sourceTitle)] · $INFO[ListItem.Title] on $INFO[ListItem.Property(serverName)]</label>

    instead of just:
    <label>$INFO[ListItem.Property(sourceTitle)] · $INFO[ListItem.Property(serverName)]</label>

    So now it shows something like:
    Buddy Name - Movies on ServerName

    Thanks anyways :) Happy new year!
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