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A way to access plot details from the home screen?

unisonrussunisonruss Plex-Enthusiast Posts: 1,901Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
Hi! I'm hoping there is a way to access plot details on the home screen, wether it's via a OSD pop-up on the focused content, or a button that could deliver us to the main Video OSD screen (like hitting "Info" in your library). Could this be possible. I love the simplicity, but I also want it to work like the aTV. It's hard to make a decision to watch something just based on the poster.


  • CloudDwellerCloudDweller Posts: 228Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    I've checked with the devs and its not possible with the current skinning engine. I know that other skins offer the details when you focus on an item, but not sure that I can incorporate this into the current design. Its something I would love to add and I know that the devs are working on some UI stuff so hopefully this is one feature that they will add.
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