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[REQ] Show fan art for selected/focused item on home screen

unisonrussunisonruss Plex-Enthusiast Posts: 1,901Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
Hi, the Energized mod does this, but I would prefer the original Simplex to implement. When browsing On Deck/Recently Added, It would be cool if the fan art showed in the background depending what was highlighted. It makes the media center experience so much better! This is especially helpful for TV Shows (helps to identify what is highlighted, too). Thank you!


  • stefan.duncastefan.dunca Posts: 9Members
  • CloudDwellerCloudDweller Posts: 228Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    We actually had this working in the beta but felt that it created a very busy UI when moving between libraries and indeed episodes due to the constantly background so we decided to simply have a regular slideshow that cycled through all artwork from every library.

    I’ll give it some thought :)
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