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[Bugfix] (Remote) Keyboard in Laika

iMickiMick Posts: 39Members
edited January 2012 in Blur
This FIX is also included in my Keyboard MOD > http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php/topic/37069-laika-remote-keyboard-mod/


I'm using Blur on my Mediacenter, but I use only my remote to control Plex. When I want to Search a Movie, or to search on Youtube, I need to use a physical keyboard... in Laika the Keyboard window (to control with remote) doesn't work anymore....

That really annoying, so I decided to try a lot! And I fixed it!

  1. Open Finder and go to:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Plex/addons/skin.blur/720p

  2. Inside this folder there is a file: DialogKeyboard.xml, open this file.
  3. On the 3rd line, there is this code:
    <defaultcontrol always="true">310</defaultcontrol>

  4. Change the value 310 to 65
  5. Now it works back again!

Or download this file: http://cl.ly/2a3D3q1e372V0U0z220m, and place it inside
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/addons/skin.blur/720p

This is a dirty bug fix I think, but a good solution for now!
Thanks Jaaps for this wonderful skin!
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