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[Laika] (Remote) Keyboard MOD

iMickiMick Posts: 39Members
edited January 2012 in Blur
I'm using the Blur skin on my Mac mediacenter, and I control it with my Apple remote. The keyboard works perfect with the bug fix, but it's missing something! Yes, its missing a backspace button!
The IP button didn't work, so I changed the IP button to a backspace button! I swapped also the Backspace and Enter button, for a better user experience!

  • Removed IP Button
  • Added Backspace button
  • Changed names; Ok to Enter
  • Swapped the Backspace and the OK button (position).
  • Added bug fix
  • Changed the Shift button image.

Known Bugs:
  • Button to small for the Backspace text.
    When I have time (or Jaaps?) I will make it a little bit bigger, or is it ok now? I would like to use the backspace image out of the media/dialogs folder, but I can't get it working.

Download this zip file: http://cl.ly/1Y0v3p2W3N2O1Z1Q1F0H. Place the .xml in
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/addons/skin.blur/720p

Place the image in
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/addons/skin.blur/media/dialogs

The (Remote) Keyboard in Laika (BUGFIX) is included in this file.

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