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[Bugfix] Sleep, restart and shutdown system

iMickiMick Posts: 39Members
edited January 2012 in Blur
I use my Mediacenter only as frontend, so the Plex Media Server is running on a other pc. When I am finished with watching movies / series I like to sleep or shutdown my system..
This function is broken in very much skins, but not anymore in Blur! (OSX, Windows I don't know).

You can readd this function on this way:

Go to line 460 in
~/Library/Application Support/Plex/addons/skin.blur/720p/Home.xml
Delete the item id 1,2,3 and add this:
					<item id="1">
						<description>Quit Button</description>
						<label>Exit Plex</label>
					<item id="2">
						<description>Sleep Button</description>
						<label>Sleep sleep</label>
					<item id="3">
						<description>Shut Down Button</description>
						<label>Shutdown System</label>
                    <item id="4">
						<description>Reboot button</description>
						<label>Reboot System</label>

BETA! I tested it only on OS X. Can someone confirm it on Windows?
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