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MLB.tv 2012 Plex Plugin

streamlinehdstreamlinehd Members Posts: 18
edited April 2012 in Channel Development
I've been working on getting the MLB plugin working again and finally have something ready for beta testing. There's an old stale thread here that I've been posting to but I think this deserves its own new thread so I hope admins/mods don't get mad at me for multiple postings. This plugin requires an MLB.tv account to access archived games from last season as well as live and archived games from this season. Certain basic features such as Videos, Daily Scoreboard, Standings, and Schedule do not require an account. As of right now the plugin doesn't support NexDef but it does use the high definition video stream so I hope to be able to add support in the future. Please remember that this is very much in the beta stage and a work in progress so any feedback you provide will help make it even better.

Big thanks to 41John and Harley Hooligan for the hard work they put into this before I started tinkering.


1.) In folder options choose to show hidden files, folders

2.) Extract/Install bundle to:

/user/username/AppData/Local/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins/

3.) Launch Plex client, find and open Major League Baseball under Video Channels

4.) Go into Preferences and set Username & Password

5.) Exit and restart Plex client

6.) You should now see Today's Games & Archived Games in the main menu

7.) Test live and archived games and don't forget to leave feedback



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