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Plex for Windows Phone Changelog

mfeingolmfeingol Posts: 5,091Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee
This thread records the changes made in each version of the Plex for Windows Phone application.

1.4 (publishing)
- FIX: Links from Universal Volume Control didn't always work.
- FIX: MyPlex-related Pivots on main page would refresh too often.
- FIX: Version detection errors talking to some Plex Media Servers on Linux.
- FIX: Crashes clicking on hyperlink buttons when racing with obscured events.
- FIX: GDM no longer runs indefinitely when Servers pivot is under lock screen.
- FIX: Crash removing manual connections from server.
- FIX: Crash navigating between pages (working around what appears to be an OS bug).
- FIX: Crash opening message boxes (likely another OS bug).
- FIX: Crash downloading remote control player list after resuming from deactivated state.
- FIX: Crash navigating from Settings page.
- FIX: Crash navigating from empty movie and artist lists.
- FIX: Crash in our Background Audio Player agent.
- FIX: Crash in Now Playing page after resuming from deactivated state.
- FIX: Crashes attempting to recommend to an empty friends list.
- UPDATE: Connection selection at startup is now more aware of network interface status.

- NEW: Faster page transitions, especially for pages with large amounts of content.
- NEW: Images now show spinning progress indicator while downloading
- NEW: Improved server connection selection based on network interface status.
- FIX: Various hangs and crashes resuming from deactivated state.
- FIX: Crash navigating pages with large amounts of content.
- FIX: Crash pausing or seeking when a video was not playing (e.g. when returning from under the lock screen).
- FIX: Crash displaying albums by artists lacking thumbnails
- FIX: Crash playing music with Background Audio Player is stopped incorrectly by another application.
- FIX: Crash when navigation races with obscured events, e.g. incoming calls.
- UPDATE: Disabled DirectPlay for MP4 movies with the MOOV atom located at the end of the file.
- UPDATE: Accept Windows Phone Marketplace's view that versions have only two digits.

- FIX: Crash parsing malformed XML.
- FIX: Crash navigating away from the Settings page too quickly.
- FIX: Friendlier error message when the target Plex Media Server for playing video is too old.
- FIX: Crash browsing movie or music sections with titles containing only quote marks or spaces.
- FIX: Crash displaying the marketplace link when the trial period for video play expires.
- FIX: Rare crash on startup.
- FIX: Crashes navigating to locations with very long addresses.
- FIX: Crash where the back button could race with a server's response while adding a new connection.
- FIX: Crashes navigating to various locations in the channel store, including history and preferences.
- FIX: Crash when navigation races with obscured events, e.g. incoming calls.
- FIX: Rare crash selecting options in Settings page context menus (e.g. testing connections).
- FIX: Crash resuming video play from a lock screen.
- FIX: Crash or hang when downloading very large sections.
- FIX: Low volume playing music and video.
- FIX: Occasional crashes navigating between pages with transition animations.
- FIX: Crash when using context menus.
- FIX: Crash selecting the location to play a video.
- FIX: Several potential string parsing issues on non-English locales.
- FIX: Unauthorized errors accessing shared sections.
- FIX: Hangs resuming from deactivated state.
- UPDATE: Extended timeouts for content downloads from a Plex Media Server from 20 to 30 seconds
- UPDATE: Improved diagnostic information received when user sends crash reports.

- FIX: Crash loading video pre-play pages, which mostly affected non-English locales.
- FIX: Added a friendlier error message when a network error occurs playing video via Silverlight Smooth Streaming, replacing error 3108.

- NEW: Initial release
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