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Protected streams

Akamai streaming service
I found that some of the streams from the site that I'm trying to create a plugin for come through this akamai streaming service. Do you have any experience on this kind of streams, and how to get them play in Plex?

1) Site dispatcher gives asx-file with embedded url: http://akastreaming.yle.fi/vp/fiyle/fi/ond...1934066_1131693
2) ondemand.asx includes url to stream in following form: mms://a1878.v21878f.c21878.e.vm.akamaistream.net/7/1878/21878/v1/yle.download.akamai.com/21878/fi/_!/areena/1/93/40/1934066_1131693.wmv?auth=da_djbLb9cEbfdQbSc9d7cPaWaGcLdBa_dM-bjRumx-E-wlK-k8j8&aifp=v01&WMBitRate=&WMCache=0

The authentication key seems to change upon every request.

These streams are not accessible outside Finland, btw.

I tried to manually open the mms-stream in Plex but had no success. I found that VLC is able to open the stream when given the network address from step 1.

So, you think this would be doable in Plex, too?
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  • ChrisTarczonChrisTarczon Posts: 160Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited March 2009
    While you can give Plex a direct URL to the video file, the big feature is that it's designed to be a "window" into Safari. You define the coordinates of the video on the page and Plex zooms that to full screen. It doesn't matter if the stream is protected or, technically, if it's Flash video at all.

    So yes, it's doable. Poke around the SiteConfiguration files to get a taste of setting up coordinates and the like.

    See this post: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php?showto...ost&p=25223
  • FinxFinx Posts: 38Members
    Thanks for the reply! I had noticed that post already... I think I'd rather give Plex the direct URL of the video if possible, though.

    Anyhow, I got it already working before posting this topic for majority of the streams. This is just the case for a small amount of content (or maybe they're implementing this more in the future, who knows?)

    Have to think it through tomorrow... -_-
    YLE Areena plug-in Plex wiki | download
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