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smi subtitle and suggestion for unicode fonts

neurostarneurostar Posts: 1Members
edited March 2009 in 한국어
First of all, I'm glad to see korean forum in PLEX.

I have a couple of suggestion for korean as well as other unicode language users.

First, supporting smi subtitle is crucial for korean users, since every single subtitles in korea are smi format.
However, the PLEX as well as XBMC practically don't have a support for smi format, because smi parser does not work properly.
This bug has been reported already in http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php?showtopic=294 and has not been fixed yet.
There is a patch in XBMC trac which allow basic support for smi subtitle.


It has not been apply to XBMC svn yet. Please consider apply this patch to PLEX.
If there is any problem with this patch, please let me know. I have a personal contact with mrhjkim who submit the patch.
If it is preferable, I will ask him to submit the patch in here separately.

Second, I made and submitted a scraper for naver in XBMC trac. naver scraper is a korean movie db scraper. it is now in XBMC svn.
Please pull the scraper to PLEX.


Again, if it is preferable, I will submit the scraper in here.

Third, many unicode language users having difficulties mainly due to font.
As I posted in XBMC forum, I'd like to similar suggestion for PLEX.


Since PLEX already support system fonts for skins, it' OK.
Additionally, If PLEX can support later two suggestion, it will be great for korean and other unicode language users.
In short, please, add an option for overriding font.xml in the skin and automatically set language according to system's primary language.

@ elan, I appreciate your help on a unicode file problem, now it works great.

Best, Youngcho
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