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Stream DVBs/s2 channels to plex via PCI-DVBs/s2 card

new project
Hi guys

first things first

i have setup plex media server in a linux ubuntu x64machine

i am planning to install on the same machine or maybe a new separate linux machine for the following matter

i want to broadcast the DVBs/s2 stream over IP using plex .

i have bought a DVB-S/S2 card which support linux and works well with all latest linux kernell from 2.3.xx up to 3.5 version.

my question now is can i stream 1 TP at the same time? for instance i know the dvb card can pickup a full Transponder lets say 15 video channels 15 audio channels

how can u mux them in to plex and create a separate Channel Plugin for each individual channel?

Am i going a litle bit crazy over here or is this possible?

i have teste with a linux stb the Tuxbox and it works ok i can see the channel list and browse channel, but unfortunately i cannot connect more then 1 client on the same set top box, if i zap channel in 1 client the other client will lose its conection.

So my ideia was to filter stream from 1 Transponder per DVB card and send it to plex individually each channel. maybe by creating 1 channel plugin for each channel??

well still have to figure it out boys, so any help will or comments will be appreciated.

PS- How does mythtv works with plex? would i be able to use mythtv for my project mentioned ?



  • shadabadshadabad Posts: 5Members ✭✭

    almost 5 years ago, but did you get it to work ?

  • bolagnaisebolagnaise Posts: 110Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    TVheadend + plugin should be able to do this

    PMS: DELL R710 Dual Xeon E5540 NAS: HP N54L running UnRaid-14GB D44QcpY.jpg
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