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Streaming to PS3 issue

vestan_pancevestan_pance Posts: 78Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
Streaming works perfectly apart from 1 TV show
Hi, my PMS is installed on a Mac Mini and streams perfectly to my iPhone and iPad. It also streams perfectly to my PS3 with the exception of 1 group of TV shows 'Peppa Pig'. These episodes are the only new set of TV shows I have added to my TV folder following my recent upgrade to v0.

I've tried removing the folder containing the shows from my TV Folder and conducting a deep scan on PMS, and then re-adding and re-scanning but the same issue persists.

The issue is that when I play each episode on my PS3 it's as if it is Fast Forwarding the video, although the audio plays correctly, then the video pauses as if it's waiting for the audio to catch up, and then fast forwards again etc.

Sorry if I'm being long winded in explaining this, but does this sound like a transcoding problem? Direct play is enabled and my PS3 is connected wirelessly via an Airport Express which extends my Airport Extreme Network.


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