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dir.AppendItem LINK to picture on the net

rniornio Posts: 162Members
edited April 2009 in Channel Plugin Development
Quick Q:

I wanto add DIR-ITEMS not using "hard-coded" thumbs located in the plug-in resource directory ... but rather from another web page.
The pictures are likely to change and thus the need / request for this.


In Apple Trailer Plug-In there is a STATIC version of this:

dir.AppendItem(DirectoryItem("just_hd", "Just HD", Plugin.ExposedResourcePath("thumb-just_hd.png")))

I would rather use something like this:

dir.AppendItem(DirectoryItem("just_hd", "Just HD", "htttp://www.testsite.com/thumb-just_hd.png")))

Any ideas?



And the ANSWER is ... very simple :-)

Just add the complete URL as the third parameter when adding new items to the Media container:

dir.AppendItem(DirectoryItem("just_hd", "Just HD", "htttp://www.testsite.com/thumb-just_hd.png")))
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