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[Resolved] Plex causing LG TVs to reboot



  • pistol44pistol44 Posts: 12Members ✭✭

    I know this thread is old but this is a new and re-occurring issue for me. I have the latest version of PMS and the latest firmware on my LG smart TV. I'm also connected to the TV by wireless connection (150mbps plan and the router is 6 inches from the router so it's not a connection issue). I watched a movie using Media Link last night and the movie stopped and TV rebooted. This happened 2 more times while watching the same movie. It's also happened a few more times over the last few weeks. Doesn't happen every time but I'd say normally it happens about 1 in 3 movies I watch.

    Wondering if this issue has come back.

  • jmezjmez Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Can confirm that this problem is back for me with the latest firmware and plex media server.  It had been fine for the past 6 months.  Took the tv off of the network again...

  • gokiburi8gokiburi8 Posts: 2Members

    The issue is also happening with me. Strange because I was running with the latest version for quite a while and then the problem appeared.

    I've tried downgrading which seemed to fix it for an afternoon but now nothing works! Quite annoying!

  • gokiburi8gokiburi8 Posts: 2Members

    After posting I :

    uninstalled PMS again.

    deleted the folder completely in User-Appdata-Local-Plex. 


    installed version

    seems to be running without rebooting so far....

  • carlosjcostacarlosjcosta Posts: 1Members
    edited September 2014

    Having the problem now  ....   Going to downgrade ......

    Did not work :-(

  • keithhuikeithhui Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    I hv same problem, I hv install the PMS latest version quite a while and then the problem appeared.

    My LG LM7600 had non stop reboot in every 10sec. non stop reboot, so disappointed .

    Until I turnoff PMS server program, My LG TV going back to normal.

    I hv report this happen to local LG CS, But they said is the first received a report about PMS connecting with LG with bug.

    NO solution to fix at the moment.

  • da_timboda_timbo Posts: 1Members

    same problem here since yesterday - no updates made ​​on tv or similar. whats wrong? installed old vers. and it works fine.

  • wiseguy128wiseguy128 Posts: 3Members

    Same here.. is the PLEX program problem I think...

  • wiseguy128wiseguy128 Posts: 3Members
    I tried to down grade it to but somehow the problem still occur! What's happening? I also cannot find the User-appdata-local-Plex file to delete, can anyone help me please.
  • devmandevman Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Having the same problem now too.  Uninstalling plex and wiping all the files and reinstalling previous version(s) hasn't helped any.

    I ended up pulling the network cable and switching to a chromecast for now.  I'm counting on LG being worse than useless, so a plex update is my only hope.

  • MunnybearMunnybear Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass

    I am also experiencing this constant restarts which i find it strange as it seems that the problem was solved quite awhile ago.

    I have 2 LG TVs (55LM9600, 32LM6690) and both are acting this way (my Plex and both TVs are using the most updated software). It is apparent to me that this is a Plex issue as when plex is turned off, the TV behaves as normal.

    1 Thing worth pointing out is that I think Plex is not handling a certain type of movie file well. I have re-installed Plex several times and every time after the movie folder was added, the symptom reappears. Prior to this, I've only added few movies recently, after removing them the symptom still persists.  

    From reading another post, people suggests this could be an issue of conflicting subtitles between internal and external subtitles - I've also tried deleting all external subtitles (yes, took me a lot of time) with no luck.

    Much appreciated if Plex can provide support over this issue.

  • sammyg42sammyg42 Posts: 1Members

    This still looks to be a bug. I am running PMS and have been running plex for a few months without a problem. It resurfaced when I split off some movies to a new library and ran a deep scan.
    I hope you guys can get your act together on this as I generally think PLEX is a good media server and find it quite tragic that this bug has been sitting around for over 3 years now. In the mean time I am moving to an alternate media server as I have tried everything I can think of to resolve this to no avail.

  • agraffeagraffe Posts: 1Members

    @elan said:
    Try the version I just made live. I've gotten confirmation from one guy already that it fixed the issue: http://www.plexapp.com/getplex/

    Hi, I seem to have the same problem... Whenever I turn on the PMS the LG TV reboots constantly... I have the latest PMS Version for Mac and my TV 47LM7600 has the latest firmware as well. According to elan this issue was resolved only by fixing PMS, but it's happening again. Are you going to fix it?

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