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XML ... def ElementFromURL FORCE version 1 of the framework ?

I am trying to add an ADDITIONAL header to the URL request (for authentication)

I call:

Mypage = XML.ElementFromURL(url, True, None, {'Authorization': 'Basic bm10Om5tdA=='})


File ".../__init__.py", line 320, in ZDF

ZDFpage = XML.ElementFromURL(url, True, None, {'Authorization': 'Basic bm10Om5tdA=='})

TypeError: ElementFromURL() takes at most 2 arguments (4 given)

Q1: Why the exception ? What do I do wrong?

Q2: The encoding DEFAULT value in the def "utf8" ... should that not be "utf-8" ?

Here is the DEF as shown in the XML.py file (version 1)

def ElementFromURL(url, isHTML=False, values=None, headers={}, cacheTime=None, encoding="utf8", errors="strict"):

Looking at the VERSION 0 of the XML file, I see this DEF:

def ElementFromURL(url, use_html_parser=False):

ANSWER for Q1 ==> apparently I use VERSION 0 of the framework ==> How do I force to use VERSION 1 ?


  • jamjam Plex Dev Team Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 4,303 Plex Employee
    You need to add the PlexFrameworkVersion key to the Info.plist file & set its value to 1:


    That will cause the media server to start the plug-in using the v1 framework instead of v0. Be warned that there have been many changes to the operation of plug-ins, so you'll probably have to change your existing code to work with v1. If you need any help with it, please post again!

    Regarding the encoding, Python treats "utf8" and "utf-8" the same :)
  • rniornio Members Posts: 162
    edited April 2009
    Thanks for the feedback, now I have changed the "Info.plist file" within my plug-in bundle.

    Now when I run my plug-in I get stuck here :

    # Attempt to import the plug-in module - if debugging is enabled, don't catch exceptions
      if Debug:
    	PMS.Log("(Framework) Next Step 1")
    	import Code as _plugin
    	PMS.Log("(Framework) Next Step 2")
    	PMS.Log("(Framework) Imported plug-in module")

    The plug-in log:

    (Framework) Bundle verification complete
    (Framework) Debugging is enabled
    (Framework) Configured framework modules
    (Framework) Next Step 1

    Looking inside the Plugin.py ... I do not see "Code" being initialized?

    Any clues?

    Is there a PLUG-IN which uses Version 1 of the framework?
  • elanelan CTO and Co-founder MauiMembers, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 6,981 Plex Employee
    rnio wrote on Apr 25 2009, 10:24 AM:
    Any clues?

    Is there a PLUG-IN which uses Version 1 of the framework?

    There have been quite a few changes to v1 to make things cleaner and easier. You can check Vimeo, Democracy Now, Charlie Rose, The New York Times, and The Sixty One, to name a few.

    Good documentation is being worked on as we speak :)

    instagram @elan // the wife's photography site.
    the Medium page // the dog's twitter feed.

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