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M2TS Files will not work

blockloopblockloop Members Posts: 1 Plex Pass
edited February 2013 in Plex Classic for Roku
When I try to play any of my M2TS files on my Roku XS 2 it fails saying "We're unable to play this video, make sure the server is running and has access to this video". All other containers work fine. When I tried playing the same files in the web player they failed there also. I downloaded the Plex client for my MacBook Pro and the same files played just fine. PMS is running on an Athlon II X2 machine under Ubuntu 12.04.

I've posted the contents of my log here: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/2165819

Here is the output of mediainfo: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/2165820


  • schuylerschuyler Plex Dev Team Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 3,786 Plex Employee
    I don't have any M2TS files myself to test with, but I think the transcoder generally supports them fine. I tried the link to the logs but it must have already expired, can you post them again?

    (The client on your Mac works fine because it can play M2TS files without transcoding. Plex/Web and the Roku both require transcoding for M2TS, so something about the transcoding is failing.)
  • kaiosmaikakaiosmaika Members, Plex Pass Posts: 21 Plex Pass
    I have several M2TS files with file sizes ranging from 4GB+ to 18GB+ and they all play fine withe default settings of Roku 2 XS. My apologies for not giving you any solution but only thing I've done was nothing as in everything is default on Roku with 4MB streaming settings.

    Good luck..
  • Baldrick01Baldrick01 Members Posts: 1

    I suggest u use some free tools to remux m2ts to mkv.

  • Olivier.75Olivier.75 Members Posts: 68 ✭✭

    And I recommend you use the playlist files on the bluray when remuxing... That way you get the correct naming for the audio and subtitle track + the chapters... which you dont get if you just copy the m2ts.

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