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Plex Connect (or "Plex @ aTV - think different…")
We all want the pleasure of Plex on the big screen - in this case driven by an AppleTV, unfortunately:

  • There is no App Store for the AppleTV.
  • It is not currently possible to jailbreak the AppleTV3
  • Only certain firmwares on the AppleTV2 have an untethered jailbreak (the current firmware does not)
  • It is not possible to move between AppleTV2 firmwares unless the user has previously used a tool to specifically save unique signatures for their device for each firmware

How does it work?
The basic idea is to:

  • re-use a native AppleTV app (by default the 'Trailers' application)
  • re-route the Trailers app requests to your Plex Media Server
  • re-work the reply to fit into AppleTV's XML communication scheme
  • let iOS do the rest
  • enjoy Plex on your unmodified AppleTV


PlexConnect Github page (the ONLY official and trusted download site): click here


PlexConnect Wiki (includes up to date install guides,FAQ and troubleshooting pages): click here


How to report an issue (do not private message asking for support or features!): click here


Roadmap: click here

A video of PlexConnect in action by one of our users (screencasts coming soon): here



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    edited January 2014

    27. Aug:

    The main door to trailers.apple.com got a new supervisor. Or: The big switch from http to https.

    This modification stopped the existing PlexConnect from working... a work around was found rather quickly. But up until today this change (and the results thereof) seems to still be a major cause for trouble.

    So, if you experience aTV connectivity issues like "Trailers not accessible" and such, make sure you know the WIKI / Installation guide (https://github.com/iBaa/PlexConnect/wiki/Install-guides - look for "Attention") and followed the given hints.


    - you need a recent PlexConnect version - stamped later than 27.Aug

    - you need to generate a certificate for PlexConnect and aTV

    - you need to install the certificate on your aTV to make it trust your PlexConnect server

    Check the forum for similar issues. I guess by now, we have seen most of it - and also answered numerous times.

    If nothing helps, feel free to check back in the forums - as outlined in WIKI / How to report an issue (https://github.com/iBaa/PlexConnect/wiki/How-to-report-an-issue).

    General rules...

    - the more information the better

    - but: no logfiles copy-pasting (attach it or show a pastebin link) with loglevel=High and limiting to the issue, please.


    Ah... I forgot: Do not post your certificate. It contains your private key. Private for a reason. Keep it secret, don't share it. Never. Ever.

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    One more thing...

    Please refrain from hijacking threads with different issues. Thinking about rephrasing "I have the exact same problem, just different..." seems to be a good indication for ongoing hijacking. :-D

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