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NOOB Setup questions

vidaddctvidaddct Members Posts: 3



I have successfully installed rasplex on the SD card.


Keyboard- Is there no way to finish the config without an actual wired keyboard? After having used and tossed many over the years its not like I have any more just lying around!


Remotes- I don't understand how or which device or which app to use. iphone, ipad, Remote Pi, RasPiConnect, via plex.app, plexmediaserver.app, plex for ios


Streaming- via wifi? via ethernet?


SSH- connection refused, but I can ping it



Thank you





  • a_weina_wein Members, Plex Pass Posts: 274 Plex Pass
    Just try to use a remote app (Plex or XBMC)
  • RavendarqueRavendarque Members Posts: 4

    I use a mini wireless keyboard for RasPlex. It works like a remote, but with the benefit of a keyboard and doesn't require any config either. There are plenty available, but the one I bought (and would thoroughly recommend) is this one (link to Amazon UK, price there is £19.99):


    SSH - There are various combinations of user+pwd around the forums. The one that works for me is root+rasplex.

  • vidaddctvidaddct Members Posts: 3

    Thank you for answering.

    • PLEX IOS app does not see the Pi. FAIL!
    • SSH

    "connection refused" with ssh root@theipaddress

    • netstat
    rasplex.home       b8:27:eb:d:6a:62   UHLWIi          0    65582     en1   1195
    • Traceroute has started…
    traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets
     1  rasplex (  3.400 ms  1.455 ms  1.371 ms
    • Port Scan has started…
    Port Scanning host:
         Open TCP Port:     3005           geniuslm
         Open TCP Port:     36666
         Open TCP Port:     36667
    Port Scan has completed…
    • services
    3005 deslogin encryted symmetric telnet/login
    • Router says:
    PC Name: rasplex   Connection Type: actiontec_sm_eth.gif Ethernet IP Address: Status: Active

    Do I need to add port forwarding for this device? The only entry I have is for PMS (on my Mac) tcp/udp to 32400

    Also I don't understand if the config is to be done via wifi or ethernet.  My router doesn't see it with the wifi dongle connected.

    No idea what to do other than get a keyboard.

    What about writing the config directly to the SD card or is that crazy?

    This might be fun http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xl3l8s_hack-your-macbook-keyboard-to-usb-fix-your-dead-mac_tech#.Uapqruvud-N  hahaaha

  • bstascavagebstascavage Members, Plex Pass Posts: 105 Plex Pass

    For ssh, it seems to be bugged where you have to toggle ssh enabled off then on in the options to be able to ssh into it.

  • a_weina_wein Members, Plex Pass Posts: 274 Plex Pass
    Try the XBMC iOS App
  • vidaddctvidaddct Members Posts: 3
    which one? There are about 12
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