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wifi setup ssh

sawuitsawuit Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited June 2013 in Rasplex



i want to setup wifi with ssh, where are the files ?




  • Admin-SchugartAdmin-Schugart Posts: 41Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Maybe to late for you but for other... as I just had the same need and as I found how to do it...

    Enable connman wifi technology (if not already start)

    connmanctl enable wifi

    Scan for WIFI network nearby:

    connmanctl scan wifi

    List found WIFI network:

    connmanctl services

    Create the configuration file to access the network

    put your configuration file in /storage/.cache/connman

    create a file with the pattern .config

    exemple of configure file (works but improvements possible)

    Name = Livebox-8615
    Description = Livebox-8615 Wifi service config file

    Type = wifi

    end of exemple of configure file

    connect to WIFI network :

    connmanctl scan wifi
    connmanctl services

    check that the configured network get a "*A" at the begining of the line connmanctl connect wifi_xxxxxxxxx

    And it works...

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