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Constant SD card corruption

sdjmesdjme Posts: 665Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Not sure why, but I keep getting a mounting error upon boot with Rasplex after only a short time of a fresh Rasplex install (usually stalls in the middle of caching).  I assume this is due to SD card corruption (or maybe it's because the installer isn't maximizing the space on the SD card?  Not sure).  I think until development continues with Rasplex, I'm out of options.  I thought this could have been due to my various power supplies, but I have since tried installing Raspbmc and it seems to be pretty rock solid.  In fact, it seems to handle forced transcoding much better (for DTS) than I ever found with Rasplex. 


Any hope that development will continue?  I'd much rather use the native Plex environment versus pairing with Plexbmc.




  • stereoguystereoguy Posts: 31Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I know in my case the constant corruption issues stopped once I removed all overclocking - if you have not done so it might be worth a try. 

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