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Subtitles .srt not show in Plexapp WP8

media.pfjtechnics.nlmedia.pfjtechnics.nl Members, Plex Pass Posts: 21 Plex Pass

I use the latest version of the public PMS (Version

When i play my PMS content through Plexweb, LG Smart TV and the desktop version of PMC (Windows 7) the subs will be shown as configured.

When i play my content through the Plex App for WP8, no subs are shown.

Is this a common problem on all mobile Plex App's?


I've tried it with .srt, .sub and .smi files with no positive results on my HTC WP8s Plex App.

Are there more users who have problems whit showing subs on the smart phone?



  • daniel.llsdaniel.lls Members Posts: 11 ✭✭
    I have the same problem with the WP8 app. No subtitles work. They are configured to autoload on the server and they work perfectly in PC browsers. The app description in the store is misleading, it only specifies that pgs subtitles don't work. There's no mention of "no subtitles of any kind".
  • Jaap_van_EkrisJaap_van_Ekris Members, Plex Pass Posts: 371 Plex Pass
    Yep, that is a big issue. Unfortunatly the developers have abandoned the app about 1,5 years ago. There are developers working on a new client, so any comforting words towards them would be a good idea (a couple of threads down).

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