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Relatively disappointed with WP app.

ZorpleyZorpley Posts: 6Members

Well, I love the idea of Plex, but for day to day use it's pretty inadequate. Skipping to the next track doesn't work. Often tracks won't play at all, or playback will stop mid-song. No support for PlexSync. Pressing "back" while on the now playing screen often brings you to the homescreen of the app, rather than the previous screen. There is no way to browse from the now playing screen. For instance, browsing the currently playing album by tapping on the album name in now playing. Remote control of computers is completely broken.

Now, had this been a free app, this would be totally acceptable, but it isn't. Is there any chance we'll get some of these bugs fixed soon? I'd really love to see some of these fixed, as I love the way Plex works outside the WP app.


  • jdbrookesjdbrookes Posts: 456Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Yeah that's my main issue with this app, as it is now a broken and limited unsupported app it is not particularly cool to charge a whopping fiver for it. Either take it off the market, make it free, or continue development!

    Meanwhile we have another thread here with a developer who has been working on a 3rd party app and I think this is the only way we'll get a functional supported Plex experience on our Windows Phones.

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