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Improve direct play audio and video quality ( non streaming device )

First off I love plex.  I’ve been using it for about a year now.  Its user friendly (the GF can use it) and very smooth and functional to a certain existent.  I only have two problems with it.  First off plex has no dvr functionality and if I use wmc for dvr and set up the recorded tv folder on the server I get the video to play but I don’t get the gui that I like so much.  All I get is screen shot of the first scene and the long stupid name windows puts on it.  Secondly the picture and audio quality is not up to par with other players.  I recently installed jriver media center.  I feel the interface is very clunky and not anywhere close to the smooth sort and view interface that Plex has to offer.  I don’t want to drop plex but the quality of the video and especially the audio is so much higher on jriver.  I rarely use plex to stream as I have tried to stream to the roku and it buffered all the time when trying to stream hd.  Sd does not buffer.  If it’s not hd I don’t care to watch it.  My current set up is an htpc with an i7 and 8gb ram hooked directly to the an onkyo 616 with hdmi then to the 55in led tv through hdmi.  In the end I will choose video and audio quality of jriver over the slick user interface of plex if I can not find a way to improve on the quality in plex.  I’m not willing to give up plex without trying to find a solution to my issues I have with it.  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I can improve the audio and video quality with my current plex set up.  Does plex use direct show filters?  Can I run some rules similar to jrivers to improve the quality? Any advice or help to keep me as a plex user will be greatly appreciated.           


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