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[REL] MythTV plug-in



  • doughnetdoughnet Members, Plex Pass Posts: 319 Plex Pass
    edited December 2013

    anyone able to pop up some pics of how this looks: menu/selection/actual video playing

    does commercial skip work?

    Speed Test:  http://stage.results.speedtest.comcast.net/result/511584024.png

    Plex Server Remote:  Dual Xeon X5650 (12cores/24threads@2.68GHz), 8GB memory, 240GB Crucial M4 SSD, 3x5TB storage w/ SSD Caching & 1GBit up/down dedicated WAN

    Plex Server Home:  AMD FX 8350 overclocked, 8GB 1866MHZ, 250GB Samsung EVO 840 SSD, 4x4TB Toshiba HDD

    TV: Sony 4K UHD XBR-55X850C

    Plex Clients: Roku 3

    Home PC:  AMD FX 8350 overclocked, 8GB 2166MHZ, RAID10 250GB Samsung 840 EVO & 2TB Seagate SSHD

    iPad Air w/ Plex

    2x iPhone 6 16GB White w/ Plex

  • snaef999snaef999 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 14 Plex Pass

    First let me thank you for an awesome plugin.  It has freed me from using my ffmpeg export job!  I have one issue however.  While testing I noticed that the index of shows is confused when more than one program is recorded at the same date and time.  I have two tuners and when two shows are recorded at the same (different channels) the sort by date will only show one of them.  Even worse, when I sort by channel and select the one I can not see, it still shows the other recording.     I would love to test and help more with this issue if you feel you can point me in the right direction.

    Thank you again!


  • snaef999snaef999 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 14 Plex Pass
    doughnet wrote on December 29 2013, 4:31 PM: »

    anyone able to pop up some pics of how this looks: menu/selection/actual video playing

    does commercial skip work?

    Commercial skip does not work as it is only streaming the recorded file.  I don't know if the com flag time-stamps are available but this is probably beyond the scope of this plugin as it would most likely require extra controls on the player.

    I have my recordings in 1080i on the backend and they all play just fine.  I have a pretty decent backend so the real time transcoder in Plex is able to keep up.  I have not tried this yet over my mobile connection, but here at home the playback is great.   Here are some screens shots that I have of it running in my browser.

  • elisiussenelisiussen Members, Plex Pass Posts: 5 Plex Pass
    schaumburg wrote on December 3 2013, 6:51 AM: »

    @DebugBug: yes, the servers can be on different machines - in the plugin settings page (the gearbox icon on the top page of the plugin), set the MythTV backend IP (and port number, if you've changed it)

    @GrahanH68: Hmmm, I actually thought that deleted recordings (as in: "deleted using the MythTV frontend") actually did disappear. I'll have to test that.

    And deleting recordings using the plugin? Yes, I'd like that too!

    The problem isn't the actual deleting - it's how to fit it meaningfully into the user interface (i.e. where and how to put the delete button). I'd like to put a "delete" button next to the "play" button, but there's no way to do that. So if you find a plugin that has a good way of deleting entries, let me know, and I'll try to copy that!

    Fantastic, great plugin. Finally managed to get it working with Plex, running on mu Synology NAS box. Turns out there are two identical directories with plugins on the box and I had of course discovered the wrong one first. I finally found the path for the right one in the log file (could see which directory was being scanned for plugins). I have MythTV running on a different box and it still works. Really great - I had really been looking for this functionality for a long time.

    All I need now is some way of watching live TV from MythTV and ISO files via Plex and the solution is complete.

    Thanks again.

  • schaumburg01schaumburg01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 136 Plex Pass

    @DebugBug: Thank you for the kind words :-)

    Watching LiveTV through MythTV is currently impossible (or at least very difficult) because of limitations in the MythTV services API. So in order for this to become available, we'd need to convince the Myth developers to implement this - or do it ourselves.

    I suspect actually implementing this feature in the services API will be fairly straightforward, if you know your way round the MythTV internals.

    I don't know about ISO playback (I got the impression somewhere that the lack of this feature in Plex is a deliberate decision - perhaps to stay out of MPAAs gunsights...?). Personally, I rip my (bought & paid for) DVDs to MKVs, with all audio and subtitle tracks retained - Plex is happy about playing back MKVs, and the new transcoder handles automatic track selection beautifully. You'll lose the menus, and will have to rip any extras to separate MKVs though.


  • elisiussenelisiussen Members, Plex Pass Posts: 5 Plex Pass

    @schaumburg: Which software do you recommend to make the MKV conversion of ISO files? I have tried different ones, but never found one that would just convert losslessly, without a lot of transcoding (time consuming).

    It's above me to code extensions, at least yet - I used to program .NET a long time ago and has not used it in years, but I see that someone wrote a plugin for XBMC that can view live TV (and recordings) from MythTV - apparently based on the libcmyth library. Would it be possible to reuse that implementation? It's on Github here: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons/tree/master/addons/pvr.mythtv.cmyth.

    I'm currently using XBMC with that plugin for MythTV and it works great. I read somewhere that Plex shares some codebase with XBMC, so perhaps the plugin can be reused with minor adaptations?

  • themoreythemorey Members, Plex Pass Posts: 25 Plex Pass
    @DebugBug: have you checked out the HDSurfer plugin for plex? It streams live TV from HDHomeRun Prime devices. Between it and this MythTV plugin my PMS is nearly complete.
  • elisiussenelisiussen Members, Plex Pass Posts: 5 Plex Pass

    @themorey: Thanks for the tip, I did not know about that plugin. I will give it a spin to see what it can do.

  • scottzscottz Members, Plex Pass Posts: 11 Plex Pass
    edited January 2014

    I got this plug-in to work on a Synology NAS, it works great, thank you!

    The only problem I am having is Plex is transcoding the file, I would like Plex to not transcode as my NAS has an Atom processor.

    Any advice on how to prevent this plugin from Transcoding?


    I have direct play enabled on server and clients.

    Clients I have tested are Web, iPhone, and Roku3.

    When streaming from any of the listed clients Plex transcoding processes start running and CPU maxes out.

    Direct play works for my other NAS media

  • schaumburg01schaumburg01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 136 Plex Pass
    edited January 2014


    Thanks - good to hear that my baby's seeing the world :-)

    Wrt. transcoding, I think that's something you need to set in Plex (i.e. it's not a plug-in feature).

    To elaborate: The plugin just points Plex to a URL where it can get the recording - Plex then sniffs the data from that URL to determine its format, compares it to the capabilities of the client requesting the recording, and transcodes as necessary. I think there's somewhere in the advanced Plex settings where you can configure this matching algorithm.

    [Edit: just saw your addition about direct-play - sounds like what I'm talking about above. I'll investigate a bit...]

    Alternatively, you can convert all your recordings to a format that just happens to match you client capabilities. This, I believe, you can do by setting up an automatic transcode on your Myth server - this will then be performed on all new recordings (old recordings you may be able to change by going to the /var/lib/mythtv/recordings directory and transcoding all the .mpg files - but back them up first, this is open heart surgery!).

    As an aside, I started out trying to run Plex on my NAS - but I gave it up in frustration: too many limitations, both in features and performance. Instead I invested in a decent server, which is now running both my Myth and my Plex system (yes, they co-exist happily). I've never regretted it. But that was me - your priorities may be different.


    PS: There is a final alternative: recoding the plug-in so the Myth server does the transcoding. This, however, uses a different Myth API (HTTP live streaming), and will mutate the plug-in into a different, more complex beast. Here be dragons.

  • schaumburg01schaumburg01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 136 Plex Pass


    I tried a quick search to see if I need to do anything special to enable direct-play for plug-ins. Couldn't find anything.

    Can you find anything about the transcode in the Plex server logs? Maybe direct-play means "play the stream as-is, except if <some weird special case>"? Just guessing, though - the logs may provide a clue.


  • scottzscottz Members, Plex Pass Posts: 11 Plex Pass

    Guys.  Thanks for the feedback.

    I believe my live-stream settings are configured correctly.

    I believe the reason for transcoding is what Thomas said.  MythTV writes the ATSC feed as is in MPEG-TS format and the clients I am using aren't compatible (or at least advertising as compatible) to the Plex server.  Therefore the Plex server is transcoding to a compatible format.

    Below is a line from my Plex Media Server log, no MPEG-TS listed there..

    Jan 16, 2014 23:02:20 [0x8800c] DEBUG - (Capabilties) Passing down capabilities of 'protocols=http-live-streaming,http-mp4-streaming,http-mp4-video,http-mp4-video-720p,http-streaming-video,http-streaming-video-720p;videoDecoders=mpeg4,h264{profile:high&resolution:1080&level:41};audioDecoders=aac,ac3{channels:8}' to plug-in.

    I was really trying to avoid re-endcoding as I like to watch while I record and it is kind of a pain.

    I thought Plex Media Server cost money, was I wrong or has that changed?  I see I can download for free, I will do so and install on a more capable server.

    Thanks for your friendly advise.

  • erbrechterbrecht Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

    Great plugin!  I have had mythtv installed for a while, and this makes it even better.  I actually installed Plex partly because of this plugin.  I did have one question, and this may be out of ignorance on my part, but when I go into the MythTV channel, I have the option to change the view between posters, details, and list.  I can change the setting, but it doesn't stick.  For example, if I drill down to the actual list of episodes for a series, I changed the view to Details.  I see a short description of the show next to the screencap.  If I go back to the list of recordings by title, then go back into the list of episodes for the same series, it reverts to the posters view.  It's the same for the other areas (MythTV recordings, recordings by [whatever]).  It's probably the most minor of issues, but I was just curious what was going on with that.  Not sure if it's a Plex thing, or a plugin specific thing.  Thanks for releasing this, it's been great so far.

  • schaumburg01schaumburg01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 136 Plex Pass
    edited January 2014
    Which client are you using? I'll see if I can reproduce the error...
  • erbrechterbrecht Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass

    I'm using version 0.2 of the plugin, and the web client in chromium.  I have a Roku, but I haven't tested there yet.

  • an0keyan0key Members, Plex Pass, TunerTester Posts: 2 Plex Pass

    Just found this plugin, and something I've wanted for a long time....just to say thank you for putting it together. 

    Tested via web, Roku, iPad/iPhone and streaming to AppleTV, it's pretty awesome  :D

  • erbrechterbrecht Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3 Plex Pass


    I poked around a bit, and it looks like you used to have more control over the view type.  Now it seems to be based off of a fairly rigid set of rules.  I did notice however that if I remove the thumbnail for the VideoClipObject, it automatically chooses 'Details' as the view.  Kind of strange, but apparently not something a plugin has any control over, more of a Plex Server issue I think.  Thanks again, I've been using this a lot lately since we were basically snowed in for a couple days this week.

  • pc001pc001 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 26 Plex Pass


    Thanks for the Myth plugin - looks great!

    I have installed the plugin and have it working from a web client, but it doesn't seem to work from Plex Home Theater installed on a Ubuntu 12.04 box. PHT can play other content from Plex fine, and Myth content plays ok through the web client. The MythTV channel shows up under PHT, but when I try to access it it just returns to the main menu after a few seconds.

    A bit of info, Myth and Plex run in separate Ubuntu 12.04 64bit virtual machines and PHT is installed on a physical Ubuntu box attached to the living room TV.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!



  • schaumburg01schaumburg01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 136 Plex Pass


    Hi Andy,

    The fact that you can get the web client to play nice with the plugin indicates that everything's installed OK - so it's probably something client specific.

    I'm not familiar with the PHT client, but I'd imagine it has an error log hidden away somewhere - can you find any details there?

    :-) Thomas

  • pc001pc001 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 26 Plex Pass

    Apologies - I was using the interface wrong!

    Went back to check, and discovered I need to hit enter on "Channels", not "MythTV".

    Working fine!

    Great work - thanks very much!

    Having to bounce between Myth and Plex was annoying, especially since we need to dial the volume up and down between them :(

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