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reFocus black to blue edition Actor Portraits

AmoebiussAmoebiuss Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited November 2013 in Refocus

Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone at one point tried to have the Actor Portraits incorporated into the skin.

I can see the ability could be there as when you press "I" for information on a movie and then select "Cast" you

do get the ability to scroll thru the actors within the movie. ie. attached picture below




I think to a degree it does use the default "actor_portrait.jpg" image for all,but I have a small collection of about 24,000

actor images that I could incorporate into the skin and when scrolling thru actors it would show the images as they were

supposed to be.


As an example within this file \720p\DialogVideoInfo.xml


            <control type="image">
                <texture fallback="thumbs/actor_portrait.jpg" background="true">$INFO[Container(50).Listitem.Icon]</texture>
                <visible>Control.IsVisible(50) + !Container.Content(musicvideos)</visible>

Anyone ever looked into this before, I am willing to get more actor images and share them on here for anyone interested,

would be a nice feature to have if its already have catered for.



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