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Music buffering WP7 plex app

TonycoTonyco Posts: 20Members, Plex Pass ✭✭


I use WP7 with Plex app V 1.4 for it, but I have limited 3G connection of 150 MB on high speed, which is about 1 hour of listening the music. So after I finished my 150 MB my 3G speed is limited ot 64 kbps by the mobile operator. I try  to listen music from my plex server over the speed of 64 kbps and the effect is that WP7 client buffers about 20 seconds and after that the song start to suffering. I push pause button wait 1 minute and play again but again 20 seconds good play and than start suffering. I see no options for extending the buffer size. I notice on my PC WEB client that if I click on some song the browser buffers the hole song at one time and even I don't have connection to the internet the song is played till I need to load next song. Is it possible to extend the buffer size of my WP7 client that it can buffer the hole song not only 20 seconds ?

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