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computer too weak?


I've been using Windows 7 and Plex on my Roku for about a year now.  Things have worked reasonably well until my 4gb Win7 machine died.  I've now got to rely on my secondary computer which is also a 64 bit, but can only hold 2gb or ram.  I thought that should be enough.


When I try to scan my movies into Plex, it always stalls out after about a minute and won't proceed.  Same is true if I try to analyze.  I've tried stopping most processes on this machine while scanning, but nothing I try gives me enough oomph to scan for more than a minute before reaching a stall point.


My new Actiontec router is the same one, and nothing else has changed. 


I'm not a computer genius....could someone offer some advice to this problem?






  • jackson9jackson9 Posts: 13Members ✭✭

    Sorry....I just discovered this was the wrong category.  Please disregard.

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