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Best Video Game Console that supports Plex

mmpymmpy Posts: 11Members

I currently use my Chromecast to stream movies/videos from my Plex HT on my NAS. Unfortunately, my NAS has no transcoding capabilities and the Chromecast doesn't have too many codecs, so many files fail to play. If I use Plex HT on my mac, pretty much everything works.


I'm on the market now for a video game console. Which of these 4 supports Plex best and/or has the most video/audio codecs: ps4, xbox 1, xbox 360, ps3?


  • Allan CameronAllan Cameron Posts: 527Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    mvnjpy wrote on August 3 2014, 3:41 PM: »

    Which of these 4 supports Plex best and/or has the most video/audio codecs: ps4, xbox 1, xbox 360, ps3?

    None of the above as of now as far as a plex client goes.

    DLNA works with the xbox 360 and ps3, but its not much of a plex experence and just allows you to stream your content via PMS.

    You can use a "play to" with something like the Skifta app on your phone/tablet from PMS to the xbox one. But no native DLNA yet.

    From what were reading here, an xbox one plex client is in the works. But untill we see it in the xbox app store its not official imo.

    If you can hold off buying a console for a bit, i would wait to see whats coming. If the xbox one does get a plex app it should be KICK A$$!

  • BeanloffBeanloff Posts: 2Members

    There is a plex app for xbox 360, but every time I update the plex server I experience audio lag on the 360s. You have to alter the xbox360 profiles to MP3 audio. The other con about the plex 360 app is that if you log in from another console you have to plug in your user\password every time you switch consoles, which is a pain since I use 4 different x360 consoles as media players throughout the house.

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