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One Year

kingargylekingargyle Posts: 568Members ✭✭

Serenity for Android is one year old as of March 19th.  March 19th was the first time Serenity was available from the Google Play store.  Development continues, and we have gotten some great support from the community.  For those that are using it what additional features do you need or want?  Or is it feature rich enough?


Keep in mind that Transcoding probably will never be supported, but not a real necessity for the app as you can use External players with it.



  • jms_ukjms_uk Posts: 115Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Configurable Wake on Lan magic packet sender on Serenity start up plz.. ;)  seriously though, congrats and thx for all your hard work!

  • kingargylekingargyle Posts: 568Members ✭✭

    On the list, just need to get time to get it implemented.

  • jms_ukjms_uk Posts: 115Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Thanks man, and if that goes in a huge doff of the cap to a cool but overlooked feature :)

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