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  • @diego80co said: Do I have to have a Plex Pass in order to play my Plex Server content on the Opera TV Plex application? It showed me a PIN and a web page, I took that PIN into the web page and it says "All set...", then the TV says "Your'…
  • @vigvigler said: Whats the deal no Plex app for Opera really???? What do you mean @vigvigler ? Plex for Opera TV exists (it is running on my Hisense TV).
  • Your problem could be happening due to a bunch of reasons. If you try to play the same content via the plex.tv in a Chrome browser, does it work?
  • Good point jmckee, but I understand seththetechy's question, as the Xbox One client is one of the few apps that has yet to see the updated design. This hasn't changed much since even the Xbox 360 days. I can only speak anecdotally, but the app it…
  • I can confirm that it isn't working for me. Apple TV 3rd Gen. Signed in or out.  PlexConnect just reports that there aren't any libraries available. 
  • mutosan wrote on October 24 2014, 1:39 PM: » okay you  did not search the forum because else you would have found my thread. I know that you have to open more than just port 32400 (see here: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200931138) …
  • Personally I think the majority of you are being complete **** about this. The original poster opined that they thought $5 is too expensive. That's their opinion, and you're right to disagree.  When you make uneducated jibes without understandi…
  • Tomer, It might be a language barrier thing, but your answer came off pretty assholish and rude. Nobody said you *must* watch anything, and your answer doesn't cover CusmaR's question. The Cinema experience (as it exists in XBMC) is more than jus…
  • I had the same issue you had with Screen Sharing on a Hackintosh. It wouldn't work at all for the most part, and when it did, it would be crap. I had to use Teamviewer to get halfway decent results. And this was on an i7 loaded-to-the-gills machin…
  • Regarding your question - did you perhaps not have the other seasons marked as viewed already?  But you forgot to sign out of your account and log into your sock puppet account to make your question sound more serious. And it's "forged ahead", …