Community Supported DVR Tuners Player Betas This is for the adventurous, the mild risk-taker, the <em>“I don’t care if it’s at my own risk”</em> type – who wants to test our apps while in an unfinished stage of development. Drill down to the right beta group by selecting a tag, such as <code>android-mobile-beta</code> or <code>ios-beta</code>. Review the pinned topics for information on how to join a beta group. Make sure to tag your new topics with the appropriate <em>player beta</em> tag. Pair it with a <em>server</em> or <em>feature</em> tag (if relevant) to increase the context of your topic. Plex Labs Plex Labs is the place to learn more about the awesome tech behind Plex, discover some amazing contributions and third-party apps from our community, and even test drive some of our very own passion projects and experimental features. <a href="https://www.plex.tv/plex-labs/">https://www.plex.tv/plex-labs/</a>
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