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US TV Shows - what's the broadcast framerate?


I download a lot of US TV Shows (Prison Break, Burn Notice, CSi etc etc).

I've noticed that all the MKV episodes that I download are 720p24 but I've started to download the .ts versions (for the higher bitrate) and they are either 30/60 frames.

Does anyone know what the original broadcast frames-per-second are? 24 or 30/60?

Many thanks,



  • silentmikesilentmike Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    I believe HDTV is broadcast at 60 fps. SDTV is 30 fps, I think, there's something to do with interlacing that translates to 15 frames per second and 30 fields per second, but none of that matters because I'm pretty sure nothing is broadcast in 24 fps. Usually the only things that are 24 fps are films.
  • FaceFace Posts: 18Members

    Thanks for the reply.

    So, is the framerate conversion (from 30/60 to 24p) done by the release groups when they encode the mkv files?

    Why would they convert the framerates on the mkv file and leave them as-is on the TS files? I'm sure tht there's a good reason :)

    Thanks again,

  • fobisfobis Posts: 73Members ✭✭

    Generally speaking, TS files are transport streams (see Wikipedia link) and are not converted in any way.

    As far as why they would change the framerate when its reencoded, I couldn't tell you.
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