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Plex Movie Requests



  • phxcityslickphxcityslick Members Posts: 3

    Getting plexrequest issue. Will not work with radarr or sonarr i get the following errors
    Couldn't submit request, please try again!

  • x_3x_3 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 41 Plex Pass

    Can anyony upload the working meteor package for raspberry? Always getting errors.

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  • tarneckitarnecki Members, Plex Pass Posts: 80 Plex Pass

    hello guys,
    what do i need to do to make requested tv show marked as available?
    Looks like i can do this on movies but cannot see that option on tv shows.

    Also does the person who logged the request get any info if marked available?

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  • evanrichevanrich Members, Plex Pass Posts: 43 Plex Pass
    edited July 29

    Not sure if this has already been covered, but I had a question about radarr / sonarr "root folder" . The description isn't super helpful, so let me explain.

    I'm running sonarr, radarr, and plexrequests in docker containers. If this were all on one system, it might be clearer, but since my system is different:

    TV/Movies are on a server shared out over NFS. Docker containers mounts /TV and /Movies to different paths in sonarr and radarr hosts. So in plexrequests container, is the root folder what Radarr and Sonarr are treating as their "root" folder (/tv and /movies), and do I need to also mount these into the plexrequests contaner, or should "root folder" be something else? There's not a lot of docs on how plexrequests uses this. Thanks.

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  • mdelportmdelport Members, Plex Pass Posts: 475 Plex Pass

    @evanrich we don't touch any of the files itself--we're merely passing on the path as that's what Sonarr/Radarr need. It's relatively to what they see, it should be a path they can find and use--not Plex Requests. It's the same field you fill out when you manually add a show/movie to them (although I think it remembers the last used one).

    Hope that helps!

  • blurb2mblurb2m Members, Plex Pass Posts: 105 Plex Pass

    @phxcityslick said:
    Getting plexrequest issue. Will not work with radarr or sonarr i get the following errors
    Couldn't submit request, please try again!

    Experiencing your issue plus 2 more questions:

    I'm getting the same thing on unRAID running plexrequests in a Docker.
    I get success when connecting to Radarr and Sonarr (Test Server buttons), but "Couldn't submit request, please try again!" when pressing request.

    Also, what does Radarr sub-directory mean? Point this to my appdata/radarr/config?

    Why do the profiles go away (shows blank) each time I exit the Radarr admin section and come back into it? Clicking Get Profiles works just fine and it pulls them but is it saving them?

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