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Plex .9 - Delete from Folder

There is no longer an option to delete movie from library and folder inside of Plex?


  • pooploserpooploser Plex Ninja Posts: 958Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
    Danielo Silva wrote on 02 September 2010 - 10:31 PM:

    There is no longer an option to delete movie from library and folder inside of Plex?

    I absolutely agree. With this sole function re-added the user could have full control over his/her library again. It's essential to plex.
    users often have making-ofs, disc 2s (when a dvdr), home videos, trailers or other random clips which don't necessarily belong into the film library.
    While the programmers wrote an absolutely fantastic program, they should be aware that not all (from my experience only few) people hold a totally tidy, movie/film only folder.
    My library now consists of about 20 disc2's, and 50 trailers (trailer1, trailer2, etc).… and to those people saying "just move them away", it's NOT an option. :)
    Give plex 9 a chance and re-add this function, giving the users control and liberty to add to their library what they want. Even iTunes has this funciton.
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  • speedkillsspeedkills Posts: 132Members, Plex Pass
    Danielo Silva wrote on 02 September 2010 - 03:31 PM:

    There is no longer an option to delete movie from library and folder inside of Plex?

    I saw the option still in advanced settings but it appears to be missing from the actual gui. If anyone finds it let me know, otherwise I'll be crossing my fingers that this comes back. When I am done watching a show I delete it to make more room for the next shows. There is enough good stuff out there to watch that I rarely just keep something around and mark it as watched, I just delete it when I am done from Plex. I would be bummed if this is permanently removed.

  • alias_rexalias_rex Posts: 531Members ✭✭
    I'd love to be able to delete TV shows or movies from my hard drive using the Plex interface. The Sapphire plugin for FrontRow has this ability and I use it all the time to free up hard drive space by getting rid of videos that I'm sick of or no longer want to keep.
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  • milemile Posts: 186Members ✭✭
    edited September 2010
    There's already another lengthy thread about this subject over here:


    Feel free to chime in there - the more, the better…! :)
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