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How to reset plex?

trying to reset to defaults
Can this be done??

ive been testing for the last week or so, getting the hang of it if you will. I now want to reset the video libary but can find the option anywhere to a, delete all references to any media and b, start again....

ive tried just dropping the icon from the applications area but it just starts up where it left off, so it would seem theres a config file somewhere where its getting its info from.

Thanks to anyone the helps



  • David SnyderDavid Snyder Posts: 1,484 Plex Pass
    Quit both Plex and the PMS. Navigate to ~Library/Application Support and remove two folders: Plex & Plex Media Server. Relaunch Plex from Applications (no need to remove it) It will start up as though it's never been opened before and display the getting started wizard.
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