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[Feature Request] Allow PMP on Windows (Bootcamp) to use Mac Remote

pottypotsworthpottypotsworth Posts: 123Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I'm not sure how technically possible this is, but if one is using Windows under Bootcamp on a Mac then the Apple Remote is supported 'out of the box'. On Windows (and just like on OSX), the Mac Remote defaults to launching and controlling iTunes (On OSX you tell Plex to 'override' this with the tickbox). If the code is there to support the remote on the OSX platform, would it be possible to allow PMP Windows to use it in the same way, considering the drivers are already installed with Bootcamp?

I have been using EventGhost with custom scripting to get the Apple remote to work almost perfectly with PHT, but with PMP it does some weird stuff with PMP not going into, and staying correctly in proper full screen.



  • pottypotsworthpottypotsworth Posts: 123Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited October 2015

    Am I really the only Mac Mini Windows user on here who would like the ability to do this? :/

    If it can never be a possibility, does anyone know how/why PMP does it's full screen compared to PHT? Like i said in the initial post, i can control PHT using 'keybinds' and it works great, but PMP acts weird with the full screen jumping back and forth into windowed mode.

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