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Searching music library will return no results for album title if sorted by artist, etc.

arcookearcooke Posts: 54Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited March 2016 in Plex Web App

This isn't really a bug or any particular issue.. more just an annoyance. Perhaps it's intended behavior, but it makes searching a bit clunky.

This is NOT an issue on the Android client, that much I know. Searching for an artist will return any related albums on Android. I'm at work and can't test my Roku.

On Plex Web:
* Browse music library
* Sort by Album
* Search for artist name
* No results

Returns all artists matching "monster"

This should return any albums where the artist name matches "monster"

Perhaps a "Related Albums" section beneath the Artist results would work. Either way, it would be really nice to see this get some attention. Sometimes I know I want to listen to a certain artist, but can't remember the album titles. This just makes searching a bit of a pain.


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