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Sync music without transcoding/optimizing

buzzmebuzzme Posts: 49Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

So I have added all my music to plex, all encoded at 256kbps in MP3 with tags and cover art. For good measure there is also a FLAC version again with tags and cover art.

The issue is that it wants to transcode/optimize everything that I might want to sync. Well excuse me but I don't want or even need the stuff transcoding, all I want to do is copy the perfectly good MP3 down to my phone. I don't seem to see any way to achieve this which makes it completely crap.

Even if I encode my MP3 at 320kbps (which seems to be one of the limited quality options I get) and remove the FLAC version Plex still seems to think what it needs to do is reencode the perfectly good MP3 before it will sync to my device. If nothing else re-encoding lossly formats is a MASSIVE no no when it comes to music. Bizarrely it will play the MP3's fine without wanting to transcode/optimize.

It's 2016, every Plex capable device on the planet can manage MP3, and unless you have some device with incredibly limited storage capacity then in what deranged set of circumstances would I want to reencode an MP3 to a different bit rate. For pities sake I can download over a mobile data connection the MP3 faster than an Core i5 can re-encoded the MP3.

Is there anyway to set the Plex server and or client to just download the perfectly good existing MP3's on the server and not re-encode/optimize stuff?

If there is not I have to conclude that whoever devised this bit of Plex was a monumentally idiotic moron.


  • 4ndroid554ndroid55 Posts: 76Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    No comments yet??? I came across this same issue.. Why is Plex trying to convert my already mp3 to another mp3??? I mean, to convert an mp3 twice!???? Lol dafuuu?
    My flac files... Why can't I sync those as is!? Where's the "original" option?? https://imgur.com/qI2HZIc.

  • 4ndroid554ndroid55 Posts: 76Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    well? what's the hold up

  • buzzmebuzzme Posts: 49Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Hum, looks like on the Plex Windows Phone app not only do you have more bitrate options, but as for videos there is an original option for syncing. So how come the Plex app for Windows Phone which by all reasonable definitions is a minority platform gets the option to sync music and Android which is massively more common does not? What gives?

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