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Unable to cast to Chromecast Audio via computer

Math51Math51 Posts: 5Members ✭✭


I have PMS installed on my Win 7 PC, along with Chrome + Google Cast extension. I have a Chromecast audio connect to some speakers.
If I start a song playing in Plex on the PC and then attempt to cast it, it stops playing on the PC but no sound comes out the Chromecast's speakers. I only hear the connection sound when initially connecting to the Chromecast Audio. There are no error messages. The Google Cast extension shows that casting is active (i.e. "Plex playing on ") but there's no sign that PMS is actually playing the track (i.e, in the PMS UI the progress bar is at zero).
If I click "Stop casting" then the song starts playing on the PC again.
My Chromecast Audio works fine when I cast from the Plex Android app from my phone or my tab. It also works fine when I cast a Youtube music from a Chrome tab on my PC.

Have you any idea what goes wrong with my Chromecast Audio and my PMS ?



Best Answer


  • yaronfyaronf Posts: 1Members

    Exactly the same symptoms here. Help!

  • johnbrownsdreamjohnbrownsdream Posts: 3Members

    Having the exact same problem on win 8...Can cast youtube to chromecast audio no problem. Was working fine yesterday. Tried today and experienced the aforementioned problems. Tried updating because there was an update available..same result..please help..music is very important to me..thanks

  • johnbrownsdreamjohnbrownsdream Posts: 3Members

    Would be nice to get some help with this...BUMP

  • johnbrownsdreamjohnbrownsdream Posts: 3Members

    WOW first post for help on this was 10 days ago..numerous users having this problem...yet no help, wonderful!!

  • Math51Math51 Posts: 5Members ✭✭


    Thank a lot, it works ! I never paid attention to the cast option. I also found an other solution on the forum. Instead of accessing to the plex server with the adress, I access to the server by remplacing the adress by my computer IP adress (192.168.XX.XX:32400). Then the cast star without problems even if I use the "Cast [server] to ... [Device]" method !

    Bye !


  • sandervandoornsandervandoorn Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    Weirdly enough, this option does not work for me. Replacing the [] with my local IP and then trying to cast gives my the same problems as before...

  • Ssme thing here. Just installed the Plex server on a Macbook pro running El Capitan. Server works fine but the Plex Web App refuses to play anything on the Mac when casting to my Chromecast audio.

    Also, the Web app misbehaves on Chrome: the status pane shows what I am reading several times and the app resumes playing even when I ask it to stop by clicking the stop button. None of this happens on Firefox.

    There is clearly a compatibility problem with Chrome that needs be addressed. Was going to buy a pass, but am thinking twice now. The product is obviously not mature yet.

  • trekanttrekant Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Unable to cast music to my "Chromecast Audio"
    Device Types:

    • Computer with wired connection, Windows 10, Plex app from Microsoft Store

    • Computer Laptop with wireless 2.4 and 5 GHz, Plex app from Microsoft Store

    Be aware that Chromecast audio is a separate product from the normal Chromecast!


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