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Cannot Add Section

Plex Media Server just sits there...
Plex is completely unusable for me because I can't add ANY media. When I use Plex Media Server and I try to add content, clicking the "Add Section" button does nothing... the app just sits there and does nothing, no indication or feedback, nothing. If I press it a few more times, sometimes it will hang and then it's just dead - force quit is needed. Any help here? I can't get any media into Plex because of this issue, and don't really know what to do at this point. Thanks!


  • Chris CChris C Posts: 11,795 Plex Employee
    Sounds like your installation got messed up somehow. Here's how to start fresh:

    1. Quit the Plex Media Server if it's running (i.e. choose Quit from the menu you use to access the Media Manager)

    2. Delete these two directories:
    ~/Library/Application Support/Plex/
    ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/

    3. Move the Plex application to the trash

    4. Re-download (in case your first download was somehow corrupted) the Plex application and re-install.

    When you run Plex for the first time, you should also get the setup "wizard" which will allow you to specify movie/tv/music content (though you can, of course, also do it via the Media Manager later, too).
  • Thanks for the reply. I did a clean uninstall and reinstall as you suggested... the setup wizard ran once, which worked.

    Now I have a new problem... every action (and I mean pretty much *every* action) in PMS locks/freezes it. If I press a button in the toolbar, if I right-click on a movie, if I click the update button in the bottom... the whole thing just freezes and that's it - gotta force quit it. So essentially, I can't get it to ever update anything and I can't do anything within the app. What could the cause be?
  • Are there any logs or error messages I can provide to help anyone debug this? Thanks in advance!
  • Chris CChris C Posts: 11,795 Plex Employee
    You could try zipping up and attaching these logs:

    ~/Library/Logs/Plex Media Server.log
    ~/Library/Logs/PMS Plugin Logs/com.plexapp.system.log

    Unfortunately, pinpointing the actual issue is likely beyond my familiarity with the logs, but hopefully others might see something.
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