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Plex losing connectivity with NAS?

Hello. I have been using plex for about a month now and it is great. Lately, however, I have been experiencing a problem where it appears Plex loses connection with my NAS server.

I am using Plex 0.9.13. My NAS drive is mounted, however Plex Media Manager does not show any movies, tv, etc. When I try to play a movie in Plex, I get "Error: Could not determine input format." It appears the only way I can fix this problem is if I restart my Mac, then Plex Media Manager will see my library again and I can play movies. However, several hours later, I will come back to Plex and experience the same problem. I do not have my Mac set to sleep at anytime and my NAS server still shows as mounted.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to fix this problem? I've seen somewhat similar posts on the forum, but am not sure they are exactly like the problem I am having, since my NAS is still mounted.

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