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How do I get my apps to find he server?

tfrohltfrohl Posts: 2Members

Since Plex won't help, maybe someone can here. I have upgraded to the latest Mac OS Sierra and iOS10, Now, my Plex media center - which has a lock on a green circle next to it) on the Mac says (status)-"Opened connection to Plex Media Center, listening for events." But the app on my iPad says "connecting," then says offline. My Apple TV app can't find it at all. All are on the same wifi system. Please help. And let me add since this was a paid app, Plex makes it too hard to get help.


  • Chris CChris C Posts: 11,825Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Employee

    (Moved this to the iOS app forum)

    To investigate this, the team is going to need more information. Please:

    1. Sign out of your Plex Media Server (under Settings > Server > General in the web app) then sign back in
    2. Quit/exit the server
    3. Restart the server
    4. Download your Plex Media Server logs


    1. Sign out of your Plex account in the iOS app
    2. Sign back in to your Plex account in the app
    3. Select your Plex Media Server from the location menu to try to connect
    4. Email your iOS app device logs to yourself

    Once you've done both (in that order), attach both the Plex Media Server logs and iOS logs zips to a reply here.

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