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PMS Won't Allow me to View any Videos - No transcoding, no direct streaming

jsp196jsp196 Posts: 4Members ✭✭

I am running PMS on Windows 10. PMS is able to organize my library, update metadata, download posters, etc. but it won't stream anything anywhere. If I click on a video in the web viewer in either Firefox or Chrome, I either get the "Can't Play this File" or "Transcoder Crashed" or just a spinning loading icon. If I try on a ROKU I get errors that Roku is "unable to play this video" and if I try Direct Stream it says "This file isn't available for direct streaming." So basically I can get information IN to PMS but I can't get anything out of it. I am attaching log files - I restarted then attempted to play a couple of different videos through the web interface. I've even tried using Handbake to re-encode a couple videos that were MKV and AVI files as "Roku 1080p30 Surround" using the new preset in Handbrake.

I've also tried optimizing videos for various devices and PMS gives me an encoding error. I've tried both Analyzing and Refreshing files and that doesn't work. All files play in Windows Media Player, in VLC and in other devices directly.

Please help - at the moment, Plex is fairly useless to me but I know it worked in the past.

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  • jsp196jsp196 Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Thanks! That worked! Seems to be all good now.

  • astrofisherastrofisher Plex Dwarf Star Posts: 5,515Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Cool... B-)


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