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TV-tuner support and tv-recording

mwittmwitt Posts: 68Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
Before anyone hits me over the head, I have not checked all 64 pages to see if this has been requested before, the search function is not working, so I might be repeating something already requesting. Now on to my feature request:

I love Plex and especially Plex 9. I have managed to get rid of all DVD:s hanging around the TV and thrown away my DVD-player as well. Replacement is a beauty full aluminium MAC Mini. There is still one annoying box there though, and that is the TV-set top box. The only reason its there is the possibility to record TV-shows at set times for later viewing (the CA model could sit in a slot in the TV). What if Plex could have a nifty plugin to handle this for me instead?

What I would love is:

1. A plugin that supports any of the major TV-tuner manufacturers that can take a CA-module, for example FireDTV
2. Integrated channel guide with recording functionality, both single recording and repeating recording for set show
3. Integration with Plex library as separate section "Recorded TV", with metadata added from channel guide..?
4. Possibility to watch live TV directly in Plex
5. Support for dual-tuners to be able to watch and record different channels

I have no idea how hard this is to do and if the framework can support it, but it would be fantastic if it were possible.

Best regards


  • jowljowl Posts: 35Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    While it is a separate program (and hardware), Many of us use EyeTV for tv recording.

    There are scripts to move from Plex to EyeTV and back again and also a scanner that will scrape your EyeTV archive and place the files in Plex's media server library.
  • mwittmwitt Posts: 68Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    jowl wrote:

    While it is a separate program (and hardware), Many of us use EyeTV for tv recording.

    There are scripts to move from Plex to EyeTV and back again and also a scanner that will scrape your EyeTV archive and place the files in Plex's media server library.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I´m looking for a more "hassle free" solution with should be a "supported" plugin. This has to be really easy to use and stable as well.
  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Posts: 135Members, Plex Pass
    edited April 2011
    The simple fact is, EyeTV is more powerful and usable than anything you'll ever see on Plex. Nothing against Plex devs, it's just that writing software for this is a major undertaking and hard to get right. Consider that the major STBs are basically just Linux boxes running TV tuner software, and they have major corporate backing and 20+ years developing it, and they're still not that great. Tivo is probably the best implementation, maybe followed by Windows Media Center and EyeTV... that's subjective but again they are all major corporate undertakings. Look at the OS X software for capturing cable TV over firewire (I forget the name of it) and you see how rudimentary open imlpementations tend to be.

    Plex is not equipped to handle TV capture as just another component. But, for less than the cost of a Tivo, you can buy an EyeTV device and the Remote Buddy software or a Harmony Remote. It'll take an hour or two to set up the scripts and whatnot, but in the grand scheme of things that's not so bad. I've got completely seamless switching between Plex and EyeTV, giving me a great DVR with a polished interface that works so well even my girlfriend can use it with no problems - she thinks it's better than the normal cable box. I and others here are happy to share scripts and instructions - it's really not that hard.

    But I'd rather have the devs here focus on fixing and improving what Plex is now, than embarking on a huge and quixotic undertaking to duplicate what EyeTV's already done.
  • mwittmwitt Posts: 68Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Thank for your input, as im not a dev I probably cant comprehend the full extent of work to get this integrated. Will get back to you regarding the things I need to do to integrate with eyetv.
    Just out of interest, can you get eyetv to save meta-data in the tv-recordings that plex can use?
  • ben_allisonben_allison Posts: 22Members ✭✭
    Given the fact that Plex is free, I would NEVER complain. Ever. But a seamless EyeTv plugin would be nice.

    No desktop flashing between Plex and EyeTv, no scripts to set up. Etc.
  • xk2600xk2600 Posts: 12Members, Plex Pass
    On this same note, EyeTv works if you're running the plex client, but what about those of us that want to stream to our smaller devices or remote viewing via a laptop? EyeTV no longer is a viable option.

    I too would like to see TV tuner support, or at least maybe control of Windows Media Center/MythTV/EyeTV remotely. Then after setting up the live watch request/recording it drops you right into the video/transcoding cacheup.
  • One Chill GuyOne Chill Guy Posts: 6Members
    I think this might need a universal app such as EyeTV to run in the background with a strong "exposed" API. I have a unRAID system which runs my main PMS an I could also load something such as MythTV or some other app to play/record/stream Live TV from a HDhomerun (Which now has CA cards) or other such device. The problem is that there is no full Plug-in for those existing application for PMS.

    Envision this:

    Linux/Win/Mac System
    TV Tuner and Software to run it with fully exposed API
    PMS Plug-in with hooks into the Tuner software.

    It would be better if the software was open source with a large community behind it such as MythTV.

    For Myth you have a client server configuration with a fully exposed API. Now someone has to write the Plug-in. Personally I would love to figure this out but I do not think I have the expertise to do it quickly.

    This configuration would allow you to change the tuner at will and not require a rewrite of the plugin just because a new tuner came out.

    What do you guys think?

  • mwittmwitt Posts: 68Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    One Shill Guy, that sounds like a great idear, just wich I were a developer...anyone to take on this challenge?
  • ByteKnightByteKnight Posts: 93Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    Greetings - Love Plex!!

    I know they are still in Beta for Plex however if you setup an interface even slightly close interface to the MS Media Center for the TV Tuner section of Plex I can tell you that you would kick the butt of eveyone else! Looking for better control on clients however, I have it fully working with all HD stations saving to a storage drive and I made a "Recoreded TV" Movie channel that all clients can use!

    Here are my HTPC Specs:

    Plex Server (PMS)
    Ceton InfiniTV 4 Quad CableCARD (ComCast Atlanta MultiStream) Tuner (All 900 Stations Show Up!)
    Windows Ultimate 64bit SP1 (MS Media Center is my interface to the InfiniTV and works great!)
    MSI 870U-G55 Motherboard (MS-7599)
    AMD Athlon II Quad Core 645 Processor (OC to 3.51GHz)
    8GB RAM Corsair XMS3 (2x4) 1600 MHZ
    ATI Radeon HD 5450 (512MB Video Memory)
    Storage 500GB 7200 Boot - x3 2TB 5400 Baracuda in Raid 0 Storage
    Netgear WNDR 3700 Wireless Router (Updated with WRQ)
    x4 Roku XS (Beta) - x1 iPad APP - x2 Android App - x5 Plex Windows Clients

    Status: PlexPass for Life!
    Server Hardware & OS: QNAP TVS-871 - Intel i5 - 12GB Mem - QNAP Build 20170516
    Storage: 48TB (32 Usable) RAID-6 using 8 WD RED Pro 6TB Drives
    NAS:  Plex (PMS) QNAP NAS Server Version (64bit)
    NAS VM: Two (Virtual) Windows 7 for Sonarr - Couch Potato - Sabnzbd - Headphones Seperate Windows 7 VM for PlayOn
    Network: Meraki MX60 - Meraki MS220-8P PoE Switch - 2 x Meraki MR26 APs
    Clients: x4 Roku - x4 Smart TV - x2 iPad - x7 iPhone - x4 Amazon Fire HD Tablets - x8 Windows - x3 XBox

  • marklowemarklowe Posts: 2Members

    When Plex can engage a terrestrial TV tuner and play a Bluray/DVD then it's a real media "centre". Digital free to air TV is not an obscure source.

    Would I buy a new TV tuner for Plex, hell yeah and not a second thought.

  • uwewuwew Posts: 5Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I would welcome the offer to switch all my tv needs to Plex - anytime!

  • atrusatrus Posts: 11,093Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja
    uwew wrote on March 31 2015, 6:42 PM: »

    I would welcome the offer to switch all my tv needs to Plex - anytime!

    As you are a Plexpass member you really should vote here instead: https://forums.plex.tv/topic/58741-very-popular-live-tv-support-in-plex-media-server/

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