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Screen tearing/video freezing ONLY on XBox One

negatednegated Posts: 16Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I have a Plex Server set up on my PR4100. I have XBox One, PS4, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows 10, and web clients.

Recently (around the last couple Plex Server builds including March 1st), I have some videos that are both freezing video (but audio continues) or are showing screen tearing (pixel-ated scenes bleeding into each other) only on XBox One.

This is not happening for the same movies on all my other clients. Whether trying to restart the videos from scratch or fast forwarding or rewinding a bit...same issues, and only on the XBox One client. Interestingly, if I tell the XBox One client to force 720p from 1080p (original), it works fine (but doesn't look as good, obviously).

Let me know if you need logs and how to properly get them, etc. One "bad" file is x264/MP4, 1080p.



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