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[Bug] Search only returns first 30 results

beckfieldbeckfield Members, Plex Pass Posts: 3,852 Plex Pass

I'm guessing this is actually by design, but it is so wrong that I'm going to insist on calling it a bug.

When I enter 'Enya' in the Search field and select 'Show More Results...' it takes me to the full search results page.

But these aren't full search results. I have 10 Enya albums, comprising 95 tracks. The full search results page only lists 30 tracks.

What's the use of a full search results page if it doesn't return everything that fits the search term?


  • TVPlexHDTVPlexHD Members, Plex Pass Posts: 85 Plex Pass

    This is likely to never be addressed, but I voted for it, because a 30 result cap is asinine.

  • qreevesqreeves Members, Plex Pass Posts: 4 Plex Pass

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with @TVPlexHD that it probably won't ever be addressed. They're too busy working on new features we don't need to ever fix something as necessary as this. I've voted for it too anyway, because, yes, a cap on search results is frustrating for those of us trying to organise our libraries.

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